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Cargo 11/03/15

Cargo 11/03/15 – Photograph by Gemma Honey
Cargo 11/03/15 – Photograph by Gemma Honey

Photos Courtesy of Gemma Honey

‘Songs for the Weary’ – Guernsey Press


Absolutely fantastic review of ‘Songs for the Weary’ by BBC Introducing Guernsey​’s Tom Girard. Thank you so much for all of the support through the years.

”Kicking off with a down and dirty blues riff, the tone is set before Rob’s bandmates, Gregg Sheffield (drums) and James Le Huray (bass), come in and give the whole thing a real thumping power trio vibe.. all topped off with Rob’s soulful howl that has been likened at times to Tom Waits, amongst others.”

Read the rest of the review here:

‘Songs for the Weary’ Review – Bandblurb

”This isn’t some copycat here this is a truly gifted original who just wears his influences on his sleeve. If only there were more like Hunter, as he brings back a lost art form for blues lovers and easy listening jazz lovers alike to really sink their ears into. This is one of those special talents that you don’t come across every day because they aren’t of the dime a dozen variety because they’re a rare breed and he is of their ilk.”

Another ace review of ‘Songs for the Weary’. The record is out today, download on itunes here:

‘Songs for the Weary’ Review – Skope Mag

“The first thing that comes to mind when I hear this voice, is where has he been all my life? Yes, I’m a fan of the Tom Waits vocal sound(if you like him you will not be able to deny this), and that isn’t to say he’s otherwise anything like his, as he sticks to traditional and even contemporary blues to his credit. The gruff crooner in him is just the icing on the cake, as these are all fantastic songs which go the distance in establishing his capability to shine in a brighter light. The only band I’ve heard in years that sound like this are The Black Tongued Bells, from L.A., but this is on another level.”

Thank you very much to the guys at Skope Magazine for this wonderful review of my debut album, ‘Songs for the Weary.’

‘Songs for the Weary’ Review – Vents Magazine

”The sheer level of talent on this album is spectacular. From the pulsing, rustic, wild bluesy thud of overdriven guitars, to the primitive and electrified blues harp lines, “Songs for the Weary” will take you back to the smoke filled Chicago underground, laden with howling and desperate passion tempered through the essence of true agony and lived-in hardship. The songwriting is stark, stripped down, and rips through themes of melancholy, anger, and sadness with a unique brand of savage blues driven brutality that works through this album’s searing highs and tender lows.”

Thank you very much to Vents Magazine for this fantastic review of ‘Songs for the Weary.’

‘Songs for the Weary’ Review – AllWhatsRock

”Robert J. Hunter is a man out of time. Longtime blues fans will listen to this young Englishman’s voice, often raucous musical backing, and flash back to an assortment of hallowed names. John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, Savoy Brown, the Peter Green-led incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, to name but a few, share a common DNA with Hunter’s music. In the post Stevie Ray, Joe Bonamassa dominated world of modern blues music, Hunter is a glorious throwback to an earlier time when rock music didn’t push out the blues, and chips off few, if any, of the rough edges for an easier listening experience. Add a healthy dose of Roger Chapman-esque vocal gruff and you have the recipe for a potent modern blues album.” 

A fantastic 10/10 review of ‘Songs for the Weary’ by AllWhatsRock – Thank you guys!