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Before The Dawn OUT NOW

Before the Dawn

I’m very happy to announce that my new album, ‘Before the Dawn’ is out now! Get youre physical and/or digital copies from my Bandcamp and website by following this link:

Everyone who pre-ordered the album, your digital copies should have been sent to you via email and the physicals will begin shipping this afternoon.

It’s been an incredible few months working on this record and I hope you all like it. I will be celebrating the release by performing tonight at the Spiritual Caipirinha Bar with the incredible Joe Corbin. Come party, drink caprihinias and nab yourself a new record later.

When you purchase music through Bandcamp you receive a better audio format and it puts more money into the pocket of the artist and less into the ‘industry’, we receive nearly 100% of profit rather than the measly amount you get from iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else.

For example, the artist receives roughly 60p from an album sale through iTunes and little more than 0.006p from a spotify stream.

So if you’re planning on purchasing my record today, please do so through Bandcamp, we’d really appretiate the support and it will help us to continue doing what we love.

Get your dose of fairtrade, dirty rhythm and blues from this link:

#FairTradeBlues #BlackFriday

NEW ALBUM – ‘Before the Dawn’



As you have all seen over the past few months, we have been working on some brand new material for you all.
After a fantastic mastering session at Metropolis Studios​ yesterday I am pleased to announce my new record.

I’ve written ten new tracks, performed them with The Robert J. Hunter Band and produced by James Le Huray.

‘Before the Dawn’ is out on 27th November 2015.
Pre-order it from my band camp now:


Check out my brand new track, Preacher as heard on BBC Introducing Guernsey​. I would love to know what you think!


Anwell Collective

It was an absolute pleasure to perform at the Amwell Collective Garden Jam a few weeks ago. Thanks to Roy, Paulo and Dan for this great little video.

Everyone head over to their page and give it a like and follow. The Amwell Collective are doing some wonderful things for some wonderful musicians.

If you would like to share this video that would also be mighty fine with me.

*Tour Announcement*

Tour October 2015_11

We’re hitting the road for a week of dirty rhythm & blues. Come catch us around and about on our first tour.

Thursday 8th October, Bedroom Bar, London
Saturday 10th October, The Flying Circus, Newark-on-Trent
Tuesday 13th October, The Shed, Leicester
Wednesday 14th October, The Drawing Board, York
Thursday 15th October, George II, Luton
Friday 16th October, T.Chances,London
Saturday 17th October, The Blues Kitchen – Brixton, London

More dates to be announced.

Don’t forget debut album, ‘Songs for the Weary’ is availiable now.

It’s been a while..

Hey guys!

So it turns out that keeping my website up to date has proved much more difficult than I first anticipated, apologies about that.
We have been very busy though so I am writing this as we conclude our busy summer before starting the next exciting chapter.

We have had the pleasure of playing a bunch of festivals, a load of shows in the Channel Islands and had a job lot of performances in London. We already can’t wait for the 2016 festival season to start again.
We have been in the studio working on some really exciting music for you all. If you liked (or even if you didn’t like) ‘Songs for the Weary’ I think you’ll dig this new material. That’s all I can say about that for now, but keep an eye out for what happens next..
(Don’t forget that if you haven’t got a copy of SFTW, Blistering Soul or a T-shirt yet, you can get them over at

We’re currently in the process of booking our first UK tour, we will keep you posted as soon as we have more to share with you in the next week or so. If we are visiting somewhere near you we’d love to see you all out in force at the shows!

If you’re in London this weekend I am playing tomorrow (Friday 11th September) at the Spiritual Bar in Camden and at Nambucca on Holloway Road on Saturday.

Until next time, ladies and gents.


P.s. Here’s a shot of us hating travelling by boat to the Channel Islands this summer.